grid it – Lizzie Kripke

  • grid it 

    Lizzie Kripke   |   2014   |   Painting & Neuroscience
    Curiosity is a silken funnel.
    A silken funnel with marshmallow lips and a long, descending larynx.
    It’s a surprisingly practical apparatus,
    harnessed in studies and by dreams.

    I like to use it to better understand, describe, and respect nature.
    But really,
    I like to shove data sets and flaccid paint down its gushing throat
    until, on lucky days, it regurgitates poetry.


    grid it is a representation of scientific knowledge in relation to nature. Grids signify order, a reduction
    of geometry, a predictable measurement. Grids are standard. Grids are complete. It comes as no
    surprise, then, that grids are commonplace in scientific practice. Place something against a grid and its
    irregularities become clear. The grid helps us to digest complexity.

    Digestion, however, is merely a breakdown of large components into smaller ones. Considering this as
    an allegory for scientific reduction, does breaking something down into smaller components really help
    us to better understand it as a whole? Or does it result more readily in the creation of something else -
    something distinct - something inquiringly new?
    ceramic, galvanized steel, monofilament, tape, clay