Spatial Dynamics (Spring)

  • Assignment: Using only dowels and string, suspend a 1"-diameter steel ball 15" off the floor.
    Soaked and curved the dowels to create a structure that would compress down to 15 inches.
  • Assignment: Using dowels, string, and paint (optional), create a system that sets the steel ball in motion.
    White acrylic gesso was used to outweigh the ball from the opposite end of the seesaw to set it in motion.
  • Assignment: Use wire to demonstrate gravity.
    Created a pile of wire with a flat bottom that, when suspended, paralleled the flat top of the table.
  • Competition: Design a self-sustained system that after launch must stay suspended for as long as possible.
    2nd Place- Bubbles
    Performance art with George Lee and Rob Polidoro- Only through the blood of a newborn baby (special bubble solution) could the rain gods be appeased.
  • Photo by Lucas Vasilko (
  • Final Assignment: Create a series of three using paper, wood, cordage, and/or cloth.
    To embody the cyclic nature of three, I made cordage out of wood, cloth out of cordage, and wood out of cloth.
  • Preliminary Sketch
  • "Cordage and Cloth and Wood and Cordage and Cloth and Wood and Cordage and Cloth and Wood"
    approx 2" x 3"
    oak splints, cotton twine, jute, cloth, and burlap