Rorschach Rorschach

    9" x 12" one-color screen print
    on Kraft French paper
    Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 100
    Printed by me, at Ghost Town Studio.
    An accompanying piece to my *other* print for Bottleneck Gallery's "The Gang is All Here" show, opening Friday November 16th at 7pm, and open until December 7th.
    Any orders over 3 in-store will receive this and then the gallery will be giving out the remainder randomly via online orders. Numbers 1-10 will go up on eBay with 100% of sales going to Make A Wish Foundation. I do not have any AP's of this, the only way to get them is at Bottleneck or on eBay when the show opens.
    For more release information, follow me on Twitter: @zombiebacons.