RISD Foundation 2012 Fall Semester

  • Foundation 2D Design 
    Instructor: Wendy Seller
  • "Tracing Ashes"
    Mixed media
    Design Final 
    Portray dichotomy through collage.
    Theme: Deconstruction/ Reconstruction & Visible/Invisible
  • detail 1
  • detail2
  • Foundation Drawing
    Instructor: Victor Lara
  • 50 series drawing final
    Portrait based on presence and memory.
  • study1
  • study2
  • Foundation 3D Design
    Instructor: Gareth Jones
  • "A Structure Based on Waving Hand"
    pen on paper
  • Space 
  • View 1
  • View2
  • View3
  • Time 
    "A person reading King Lear."
    "O you kind gods,
    Cure this great breach in his abused nature!
    The untuned and jarring senses, O, wind up
    Of this child-changed father!"
  • front view
    represents all sound viration frozen in the space.
  • side view
    represents time of each phonemics took to pronounce. 
  • process1
    frame 1-6
  • process1
    frame 1-6
  • process1
    frame 1-6