Creative Mind

  • Creative Mind

    Work was commissioned by The Brown University Creative Arts Council. The Council serves as a catalyst for innovative collaboration across disciplines and departments and provides a regular forum for communication among all members of the arts community. The CAC is for the benefit of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends.

    The assignment consisted of creating an identity for the Creative Mind Initiative: the ambitious effort to explore the creative mind in education, research and outreach. The work aimed at communicating the idea of creativity as a perpetual process that fosters collaboration and insight. The visual identity would reflect the Granoff Center as a state-of-the-art open space that promotes collaboration. Dynamic, elusive and surprising, the identity should engage, inspire and represent creativity as a methodology for unrestrained explorations.

    During a period of several months, series of research strategies were investigated, including concept related exercises and playful activities to identify and target the project’s values. Instead of framing creativity with a fixed final symbol, a dynamic identity was created. The solution builds on the idea of creativity as the evasive state of inspiration. The logo also takes cognizance of the Granoff Center as a multileveled building of intersecting open floors. Every time a new signature is generated, a software randomly reconfigures the typographic logo allowing it to playfully reposition the dots of the i'.

    Developed in collaborationwith Wael Morcos and Kyhua Shim.