Caleb's Woods

  • Caleb's Woods

    This was one of two short animated films that I produced my senior year at RISD.  Sharing similar themes as its predecessor "The Box,", this one instead follows the interaction between two distinct characters, and their approaches to the strange world in which they live.

    Inspired by (and named after) a student in the class above me, this work first began as only a vague idea.  I began animating what little story I had straight ahead as a pencil linetest.  As the story developed and solidified, I then constructed a scratch track of the entire soundtrack and score; music, sounds and "dialogue" included.  As a result, I made the switch to digital animation (more specifically, Adobe Flash) to hasten the workflow of syncing the animation to the already timed-out soundtrack.  The pencil test that I had made was imported into the Flash document and traced frame by frame to unify the look of the animation. 

    From this project I forced myself to make a concentrated effort towards what I hoped would be a "complete package" for an independent animator.  The project necessitated that I take considerations to character design and animation, sound design, production and sync, layouts and compositions, timing, compositing, color, and of course, storytelling.  With so many things to juggle, problems inevitably arose, and it was by the grace of my teachers and classmates that I was able to overcome all of them to make this short.

    Direction, Animation, Sound Design - Joshua Durst
    Sound Mixing - Celebration Sound
    Additional Sounds -
    Support - Friends, Family, RISD FAV