Holding On (Postcard Set)

  • Holding On (Postcard Set)
    Composite Digital Photographic Postcard Set
  • The Holding On photographic series was created over a six month period during 2012 and 2013.  Whenever I found myself standing inside a train unable to sit down or lean against the wall, I would grab one of the handles that hangs above on almost all Japanese trains. Whenever that happened, I would take a photograph of my hand holding the handle. I created composite digital photographs using a range of variables to select the images I would merge together. This photograph and other photographs from the series explore the forgetting and blending of all these moments of holding on.
    I have produced a limited edition 8 postcard set from the Holding On photographic series.  Each card is 4.13 inches by 5.82 inches printed on a thick 16pt, sustainably sourced paper stock.  The image has a gloss laminate finish.  This postcard series has a limited production run of fifteen.
    You can purchase the eight postcard set for $25 or 2500 yen.  If you are interested in acquiring a set, please send me an e-mail at arthur@arthurjhuang.com and we can arrange payment and delivery details.
  • Holding On in October 2012
  • Holding On in November 2012
  • Holding On in December 2012
  • Holding On in January 2013
  • Holding On in February 2013
  • Holding On in March 2013
  • Holding On During the Workweek
  • Holding On During the Weekend