Advanced Studio: Sterling [In]versions

  • The Sackler Museum is a late piece of James Stirling's work, introverted and historicized. Learning from his earlier works, such as the dormitory at St. Andrew's University with a clear circulation and interaction with its inhabitants, I designed a new museum on the site of the existing Sackler to house temporary exhibits of Harvard's collections. In contemporizing Stirling's robust high modernist designs, the new museum negotiates between fluctuating audiences, contexts and collections.
    The organization of the building is derived from the circulation branches of St. Andrew's dormitory. As a visitor enters into the space, the large circulatory staircase guides them to each public space. Unlike the current Sackler, the galleries open into one another and other gathering spaces, allowing for the visitor to visually connect art from different floors and broaden their knowledge. Instead of turning its back to Quincy Street like the current Sackler, the proposed design consists of large galleries open to the street that blur the definition between interior and exterior space; a pedestrian on the sidewalk can visually inhabit the two story gallery spaces through the giant portal windows and a museum visitor connects from the artwork directly to Harvard Yard from inside the gallery spaces or outside on the adjoining balconies.
  • Quincy Street Facade
  • Site Plan
  • Circulation and View Analysis
  • St Andrew's Dormitory Circulation Diagram
  • Circulation and Ordering Diagram
  • Sectional Perspective
  • Interior Perspective
  • Ground Floor
  • First Floor
  • Second Floor
  • Third Floor
  • Section 1
  • Section 2
  • Section 3