"Union in Faith, Union with Faith"


    The sacred relationship between an individual & his/her belief in a higher existence is the purest form of Faith. A celebration of the holy Union of two individuals with their promise to honor each other is another strong symbol of Faith.
    This proposal looks at bringing the church back to the community by maintaining the Congregational practice that exists today. As a new program, the unique space decorated with Lafarge has the potential to become a popular destination Wedding Venue. The combination of these two as a reuse proposal for the Newport Congregational Church aim to preserve and revive its sacred soul in today’s modern context. One unites with faith and the other unites in faith thus helping revive its rich historic glory and showcase the jewels that lay hidden within this stone house of faith.

    It is said that a space is made by its detail hence the design concept is minimum intervention and maximum function. Architecturally, the Adaptive Reuse approach of ‘Soft Intervention’ tries to propose subtle changes in the main church and maximum change in the Parish Hall.

    .. “In discovering these subtle interventions through the space the church might reveal something that you did not know existed. ... “
    The studio project with all the proposals has received a lot of appreciation.  http://backstage.worldarchitecturenews.com/wanawards/project/soft-interventions-newport-congregational-church/?source=sector&selection=all