The Hidden Jewel

  • The Hidden Jewel
    The Opulent Extravaganza Project
    Usually when people put on necklaces or earrings, they are wearing it for the visual pleasure of the viewers, not for themselves. The wearer can barely see the piece of work once it is on the ear or the neck.
    With rings as an exception, I wanted to explore the given topic of “Opulent Extravaganza” by giving the attention and enjoyment back to the wearer. 
  • For this stone setting project, I want to create an avant garde ring design that changes along with the wearer.
    The ring will only be complete when it is worn on the body.
    Rather than putting the focus on the stones, I want to create a more personal piece of jewelry that draws attention to the wearer.
  • This ring treats the wearer’s skin as the jewel itself.

    It is formed uniquely to hug the thumb and frame the skin.

    The two moonstones are set secretly in between the crease of the thumb and the index finger for the wearer to admire by himself/herself.
  • The ring is comfortable to wear as the pieced out opening for the joint allows movement and the round surface of the cabochon acts as cushions.