RISD Senior Project 1990-91

  • Painting the human form was a primary discipline for students in the Illustration Department at RISD.  The refraction of sunlight on the figures and reef prompted this first large painting "Timelessness".  The wonder of swimming in the ocean brings forth buoyant youthfulness. 
    In 1989 after seeing murals painted on the exterior of buildings in Christchurch, NZ, the idea to paint a large scale mural was seeded.  The two sections of this painting "Balance" enable different perspectives of the man and woman reaching up with their baby.
  •  TimelessnessAcrylic on Canvas, 6' x 8',  1990  MerrillAndersonArt.com
  • Timelessness, (close-up)  
  • Timelessness(close-up) 
  • Balance,  Approx 15' x 22'  Acrylic on Nylon, 1991  MerrillAndersonArt.com
  • Balance, (transition of perspectives)  
  • Balance, (close-up)