Signature Store Interiors-Baaya Design

  • Art form: Variable/Mixed
    Theme: Folk Art Montage
    Materials: Various wall bases, cowdung, turmeric, fine earth, clay, natural colors, MDF sheets, asbestos sheet, cotton canvas and small mirrors
  • A ‘Gond' folk art wall painting with a tree, birds and a golden deer signifying the nature’s bounties, illustrated by the artist Venkat Singh Shyam, demarkates the exclusive art merchandise niche. The rich illustration rendered with different patterns of dots and lines are the key characteristics of the Gond art.

  • L to R
    A Warli ‘Village Life’ painting combined with bastar wroght iron jaali work.

    A gondola prototype with bamboo slat shelves for handicrafts merchandise.
    A Bengal Patachitra folk art installation. Its a story board dipicting the city life of Bombay and its urban fabric.