Essentials - Luggage Design

  • User Research
    Developing a product line that conveys a concept involves researching user needs and the products of competitor companies. This multi-step process included creating mood and inspiration boards, considering manufacturing techniques, and ideating a unique concept to solve a specific user need. With this Design Communication project, each step of the process was explored and refined to narrate a user experience, from beginning to end. 
  • The Product Line
    The aspect of personlization was prioritized, so the user can, based on his or her needs, decide which modules to attach. These modules include a large additional pack, a daybag, a bookbag, accessories case, toiletries bag, and additional pouches. The attachment mechanism was a primary point of design consideration and ultimately allowed for innovation.
  • Online
    The idea of a webstore was the final stage of this project. The purpose of developing the site was to convey the idea of selling each module as its own individual project while at the same time allowing customers to pick and choose their own sets based on their own preferences. This allows for the users to purchase based on their own needs as well as adding on modules for individual use.
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