Courage Table

    In the last six weeks of the fall semester, furniture design sophomores design and build a small table that comprises all the skills and techniques learned in the first six weeks. Courage Table is my debut woodworking project. I drew inspiration from geometric solids to blur the boundaries between the components of a table: legs, support frame, and flat surface. By using the rails that connect the legs as both structure and table surface, I created a coffee table that features limited space to force the user to more consciously consider how to use the table.
    Professors: Peter Dean, Yuri Kobayashi
    Hardwood: Black Walnut
    Height: 18 in.
    Width: 36 in.
    Depth: 31 in.
  • A page of initial sketches, printouts of leg piece angles and construction schedule.
  • I created a table saw jig for upperclassmen to help me cut the compound angles because fall semester sophomores are not allowed to operate table saws.
  • Poplar leg model with plastic knife.
  • Closeup of leg model.
  • Construction thumbnail notes.
  • Copyright 2012 Matthew Tso.