• The shoes upper is entirely made of 4oz suede. Lateral panel near the pinky toe is double layered with 4oz suede. laminated band around sole is to reinforce suede. I looked at beat up skate shoes to find the high ware areas. The panel that I previously mentioned, The lamination of the eyestay panel, and the use of para cord laces reinforces the areas of high ware
  • The medial side of the shoe continues the laminated band around the sole. It also features an embossed leather patch with the YD logo.
  • From the front you can again see the lateral panel with edge lamination. The tongue is padded and features a leather tab and a large ventilation hole.
  • Back of shoe
  • Shoe sole

    Inspired by 90s basketball shoes, I looked at worn skate shoes to find common ware patterns. The white is a harder material that extends out to the ball of the foot, this being the highest area of ware by far. The triangle cuts being put in the second most worn area, This area is more solid than the herringbone pattern with less cutouts so to make it take longer to ware down. Wave cuts are deeper near the arch to cut down on weight and because that was the area of the sole with the least ware. deep channels have also been made in the top of the sole where the foot flexes.
  • This is the last I made for this shoe. I used 13 different foot profiles to create a last for wider feet.