• Phase I:
    Exploration of aluminum sheet metal, discovering what it can and wants to do. In these initial studies I aimed to work with a variety of techniques to identify the direction I wanted to continue. A simple experimentation of tension to hold a semicircle of aluminum using copper plated steel rod was the most compelling piece that I wanted to pursue.
  • Phase II:
    Investigation into how the copper plated wire could connect and reinforced the aluminum. The first few studies failed to demonstrate the tension that was being contained, especially the helix example. This led me to explore more pared down versions of tension and compression that demonstrate my vision more effectively. Finally, I found a form that could show the forces held in the piece while being elegant and airy.
  • Phase III:
    Final execution of my plan. I increased the scale slightly from my previous model as well as taking extra care to remove scratching and pitting caused by the machines. All edges were hand filed, with one side of each piece chamfered in order to emphasize the movement in the piece.