The Marriage Poster - A Social Commentary Poster

  • A Social Commentary Poster
    RISD 2019 - Design 1
    Collage as a compositional tool
  • For this assignment we were expected to physically create nine collages (each 6x9"), then use the composition from one or more of your collages (could be a detail or a combination) to generate sketches for an event poster that's 24 x 36".

    The poster had to include time, date, title, and location. I decided to create a social commentary poster rather than a typical event poster. 

    This was my first attempt to create a poster that a) addresses a social issue b) incorporates the use of solely Arabic text; in these posters I'm shedding light on the social pressure & cultural expectations of women when it comes marriage & finding the right partner.  The images used reflect the mix of emotions that women goes through under these social remarks and constant pressure to find "the one".
  • to view the posters individually and on a broader scale, please scroll down to the end of this page.

  • I implemented physical and digital collage in my work; I was exploring the possibilities of creating meaning by building a distinct relationship between the physical & digital realms of an art form.  Even though the text is in Arabic, the images speak a universal language that's addressing a universal topic.

    The text holds a humorous tone to it; both posters encompass cultural lines that fall along the following famous lines of: "There are plenty of fish in the sea", "have you found your significant other yet?", "did you get yourself a man?", etc.  
    As for the translation for the time and place indicated on the posters:
    Time: 24/07
    Place: The Universe

    Both posters show how the use of multiple disciplines & implementing them in the right way can address a universal language without the need for legible text for the images can speak for themselves.

  • Collage Compositions
  • The poster's in large scale