Human Trafficking

  • Human Trafficking
    RISD 2019 - Design 1

  • DS1: Making Meaning
    The objective of this assignment was to focus on how design can clearly address a specific issue while still retaining the principles of good design.
    It also focuses on the relationship between imagery and text; not only its role in creating some sort of form, but also a piece that communicates meaning.

  • This assignment was split into two parts. Initially, we were expected to choose a wicked problem that we'll be able to express later on through whichever art form that feels the most appropriate when addressing this specific problem. 

     I chose to speak about human trafficking - which is inseparable from other global issues such as immigration, sex trafficking, etc). This was a one week project- so after multiple prints and experimentations I ended up creating this final piece on Human Trafficking. Hopefully this will raise awareness about Human Trafficking- a topic that is silenced & often isn't spoken of in discussions.