Wicked Problem

  • Overpopulation
  • A DesignStudio1 assignment that allowed us to choose a wicked problem and use objective, subjective and idiosyncratic text and images to create combinations of tiles that convey the meaning and urgency of your wicked problem. 

    As stated in the title, I chose the wicked problem of overpopulation. I believe that the world is headed towards a dystopian future because of how temporary solutions are being employed for overpopulation. There isn't a real solution to this problem because human rights will always come in the way of a drastic answer. 

    My explorations use manipulation of type and imagery to create meaning and relationships that are sometimes blatantly obvious or subtle. Decision making was a huge part of this assignment and I tried to justify every single element of my creation. There were two matrices, the first one was considerably timid and restricted and the second one was more refined and liberal regarding the relationship, especially with the morphing of type.