Exhibition design

  • This project was to create a modular and portable traveling exhibit that showcases and explains an assigned design period represented by several designers in teams of three. The topic of our exhibition was "Resposible, Design, Thinking".
  • The design concept was initiated from Bucky Fuller's geodesic dome. Our intension was to create a perfect world with all the designs and conceptual ideas that the assigned artists came up for a green world. We took the form of the geodesic dome as the main form of the exhibition and developed upon it. 
  • We created paper models for each designer's work inside the dome. The exhibition could light up in some of the parts such as the buildings, trees, etc.
  • We indicates each object with different colors which match up with the artists introduction/information on the surface of the hexagon. 
  • We also included the code that the viewer can scan with their phone to go to the website which introduces the artist and his/her work.
  • We made a portable stand for the dome with PVC pipe. 
  • The bottom half was the sea world.