Illustrating Dante's Inferno

  • July 2019, Rome
    Illustrating Dante's Inferno
  • Each of us in the course are designated three Canti from the Divina Commedia: Inferno. By visiting different cities including Florence and Orvieto and drawing inspiration from numerous fresco, manuscripts and so on, I focused on three to four verses from each canto and created the following atmospheric illustrations for each.
  • Canto XI (4-6)
    Here, the unbearable foul stench
    belched from that bottomless abyss
    made us draw back behind the slab
  • Canto XII (100-102)
    And with this trusty escort we went on;
    skirting the edge of the vermilion boil ‘
    from which the boiled cried out with piercing shrieks
  • Canto XIII (43-45)
    So from the broken splinter oozed
    blood and words together, I let drop
    the twig and stood like one afraid.