• Assignment: In Project II a given plan depicting linear and curvilinear elements will be transformed through the techniques of juxtaposition and montage, creating an abstract 2D composition now entirely detached from the original spatial program, scale and meaning. Through a selective process line elements are first reformatted to a new composition, and consecutively projected along the Z-axis forming a new spatial continuum.

    Montage, “the act or process of producing a composite picture by combining several different pictures or pictorial elements so that they blend with or into one another” will be regulated by design operations causing shifts in scale, focus, position and topography. The new space continuum will be investigated through axonometric drawings, perspective sketches and in particular in physical model form. Again, the impact of light and shadow on the space continuum will be explored. Students are asked to create a short architectural narrative of the new construct.​​​​​​​

    Assigned by Wolfgang Rudorf and Eduardo Duarte, Introduction to Interior Architecture, October 2019