Special Projects Intern BrownConnect

  • In the summer of 2019, I worked as the Special Projects Intern for BrownConnect, a subset of the Brown CareerLAB that focused on connecting students with alumni connections and providing internships for every student. My tasks were split between two major groups.
  • One part was creating graphics that would be published on our social media platforms to promote BrownConnect and encourage students to partake in the multiple competitions we held over the summer. I had to follow a style guide presented to me, with colors and typefaces already set, and figure out a way to increase the intrigue of these competitions. I strived to make a look that varied with graphic to graphic but still looked cohesive when put together as a whole. I created graphics that appealed to the audience I was targeting towards, by drawing upon the interests of Brown students, such as the inclusion of Blueno, our beloved bear mascot.
  • The second part of my internship was creating a story collection plan. This year is our five year anniversary, so I was tasked with collecting stories from the past five years to share with students and alumni. After brainstorming and collecting those stories, I then had to create a graphic look that would pertain to the five year anniversary (still abiding by the style guide) and figure out how exactly I wanted to disseminate all the information I collected in a reasonable way.¬†

    My social media plan for the anniversary included a 3 graphics set to tell the stories from different students and alumni. There are also graphics and animations concerning our data wow facts and a word cloud including data we collected from over 200 respondents.