• Colorblind. How does one explain to a color blind person what color is? Or, what if we flipped it around and asked this instead: How does one explain to someone who can see color what color blindness is?

    Everyone is looking at screens nowadays, whether it's your trusty iPhone or iPad or tablet or laptop. A side effect of looking at screens is absorbing all the bountiful colors marketing teams use to give appeal to their apps and products. But, what would all that look like to a color blind person?

    After researching online what potentially colorblind people may view certain colors as, I learned that there are 1) multiple kinds of color blindness and 2) all of this is still just estimates of what a color blind person may see, for color is a subjective experience. Your experience of color could be radically different from my experience, but we will never be able to know. This book, The EyePhone, attempts to take a stab at showing what one screen would look like for different people suffering from various color-blindness conditions. As one goes through the book, the screen that was the cover changes based on the different condition, as listed on the left page. In this way, the viewer has a comparison they can go back to and gain a slight insight into how color-blindness affects one's perception of color.