• What is a Trend Report?

    For those of you who are unfamiliar with Trend Reports and Concept or Inspirational Boards, here is a brief explanation:
    Designers and Artists in the Industry need seasonal inspiration from extremely reliable sources.   They often look to Trend Services for this inspiration.  Trend services provide color, styling, and trend forecasting information that comes from a variety of sources.  In the past these Trend Services were only affordable to very large companies, therefore the general public was typically not familiar with them. 
       Melo International Trend Reports intends to change all of that by going public!  Get ready, because Melo International will now make trend services available to all artists and designers through its new line of trend reports. These affordable, easy to understand reports bring exclusive information regarding the upcoming trends for Home, Textile, Design, Art, Apparel, Accessories, and Footwear.  It will continue to offer personalized trend serve to the Industry because Melo International is still the "first of its kind" to make this dramatic leap toward "Leading Designers, Global Unity, Changing the Future!"

         Most of the products in Melo International Trend Reports are "one of a kind" and can be purchased through www.shop.melodeluxe.com. 
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