VexCave (An Experimental Font)

  • VexCave Font
    A font created in an assignment for DesignStudio 1. A project to be completed in a pair where a set of rules were to be decided for each individual. The two people would then come together and recreate the entire English alphabet, one half of each letter being designed by one person. My partner and I decided to work with concave and convex curves, on top of which we decided to use complimentary colors. With an even split down the middle, another rule we came up with was that the designer of the right side was to respond to the designer of the left side of the each letter. I worked on the second half of the alphabet and my partner worked on the first half (for the left side). I received her left side of the first 13 alphabets and responded accordingly. 
    Once the letters were created, using Illustrator, the second part of the task was to print out each letter and create a spiral bound notebook. The results are the images that follow: