Two Designers' Timeline (2018)

  • Two Designers' Timeline: Lester Beall and Mitsuo Katsui  (2018)

    This is a six-week school project done in the course: History of Graphic Design. Each student is assigned with 2 designers. Students are asked to make an accordion book that include each designer’s life events (35 in total) and 15 historical events in a timeline manner. The style of the book should reflect the style of 2 designers in an innovative way. The accordion book can not be double-sided.

  • Two designers that I research on are Lester Beall and Mitsuo Katsui. They both like to use vibrant primary colors in their works. Therefore, I try to link their styles using primary color, mainly red. The organic shape on the background represent the development of their careers. I use different font size and position to differentiate historical event from designers’ information.