Field Theory

  • Field Theory

    Materials: Robison-Anton thread 
    Textile Composition: Jacquard Woven
  • Description: 

    The following design was inspired by themes of individual navigation and playful discovery; I was specifically interested in how these two concepts interact with the “field” in which they take place. I was intrigued by the notion that footprints of small, consecutive moments may unexpectedly illuminate a larger gesture or path. The movement of these moments or small discoveries, which I illustrated as small lines, are guided by boxes or gridlines. This also reflects my personal experience with navigating the creative process; there is a beautiful sense of structured randomness in charting your own path, working toward a vision that has not yet physically actualized. Only in hindsight, only by taking a meta-view, does the larger gesture surface. 
  • Research Process: 

    I began by walking through RISD’s Fleet library space, noting visual references that I found inspiring through a series of sketches. The project then physically brought me to the Archives, Special Collections and Visual and Material Resources at the Fleet Library, where I was inspired by themes of diverse collection, expressive navigation, and playful yet unexpected discovery. I then moved from on-site work to offsite exploration, where I created a series of paper cut-out compositions that were translated into woven fabric. 

  • All in all, as a textile student at RISD, I found it very engaging and rewarding to work on a project that encouraged onsite research. The Fleet library is full of diverse resources and collections that directly contribute to the way in which different student’s navigate their own unique academic and artistic paths; the microcosm defined by each student’s experience within the library ultimately contributes to the larger macrocosm or gesture of the libraries mission as an institution. I am not only humbled by the opportunity to access this space and these resources, but also extremely grateful to have the opportunity to be funded by the institution itself to create work that will hopefully bring more life, color and inspiration into the space.