Celebration of Scholarships, 2019

  • Celebration of Scholarships

    On May 3, 2019, the first private event was held in the new student center at Rhode Island School of Design. The annual Celebration of Scholarships Dinner brings together current undergraduate and graduate students of the university and the donors who support them. The 2019 Celebration centered on sustainability and growth throughout RISD. As the lead designer of this event, I brought those themes into all aspects of the night. 

    Growth was reflected in the floral centerpieces on cocktail and dinner tables. To honor sustainability, the flowers were made out of recycled paper; specifically, past editions of the RISD XYZ magazine. During the cocktail hour, guests colored on a large-than-life coloring book wall depicting the providence skyline and a rooftop garden. During the dinner, guests shared a word that described their hopes for RISD’s future. They returned to the coloring book wall at the end of the night to hang their cards up. Before leaving, scholarship donors received a handmade candle from the RISD Beekeeping Club, wrapped in a textile made by two graduating Textiles students. All print materials were made on plantable paper. 

    The night offered students and donors alike a chance to consider the importance of sustainability in and out of the classroom, and an openness for growth in order to create a better RISD experience for all.

  • All photos by Jo Sittenfeld