16 Williams Street

  • 16 Williams Street, Photo Studio Spring 2019

          This is an ongoing series focused around my grandparents, Russell and Virginia, and their relationship together through my eyes. Originally high school sweethearts, they have now been married for over 50 years. About 10 years ago, my Grandma was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Today, she lives in the later stages, her memory slowly deteriorating, and my Grandpa’s role as her caretaker increasing. Using their home as a representation of the life they built together, I focus on small moments that reference memories from growing up in a family deeply rooted in New England. Symbols of American patriotism and objects passed down from our ancestors can be found in every room. The kitchen sink where my uncle washes chicken eggs every morning is the same sink where I used to take a bath as a baby. The floral patterned couch in their living room where my Great Grandmother held me in her lap during my first Christmas remains in the same place, now with a few more tears. Medium format color film carries a sense of weight that helps to illustrate my bittersweet feelings. Now in college, I am looking forward and backward at the same time. My childhood and my future as an adult seem equally distant. The same yard where my dad played as a kid and where I played as a kid waits for the next generation. As my family attempts to hold onto our past, this series helps me to brace myself for our future.