Potentiality in Video and Performance

  • This video is another interpretation of the myth of Penelope: The bride to Odysseus--from the famous epic--who staved off vying suitors' propositions in her husband's absence (lost out at sea) by promising the suitors that by the time she finished weaving her burial shroud to announce Odysseus' death that she would make her decision. This video offers an alternate interpretive ending; in the myth, Penelope unravels her weaving every night so that the shroud never progresses, buying herself time for Odysseus to hopefully, one day, return.
  • 7776 is the number of possible different color combinations on five fingers. Like when learning vocal scales or the how to play the piano, each finger represents a pitch/tone/solfege solemnization syllable (do, re, mi, fa, so). This video represent the experimental process of assigning color, action, and pattern with pitch. The installation of works on paper outline over 200 of the first 7776 probabilities. 
  • The Contemporary Painting Collaboration involves a contemporary recognition of feminism and an archaic idea of feminine connection through creativity actions.
  • Objectivism, coined by Ayn Rand, includes Selfishness as an integral part of living on Earth, in today's society. This video criticizes this survival tactic with Artistic Interpretation in the art world.  
  • This video collages the process of singing "Dear Prudence" by the Beatles without consonants, and scribing the music without traditional notation. The abstract notation system here is like code for the coded interpretation of the song. The paper the notation is on becomes the artifact, or piece, of the process performance. 
  • rope ride shows the message of code on the knitted tube, the transmitter of the message. The code is illegible, like the audio, and creates an opportunity for viewers to engage or disengage their interest in understanding someone's message. The audio is one part of an a cappella group arrangement, which when isolated is like code to the greater message of harmonization.