Radioactive Bottles(2012)

  • Radioactive Bottles(2012) are the collection of air from four different cities: Tokyo, Fukushima City, Minami-Soma, and Odaka-ku. In 2012 summer, I went to Fukushima province in Japan to do my GS/GRANT project, titled Re-Mapping Fukushima. It was a research-based project, which was about the life of Japanese people who have dealt with radioactivity in daily life since the explosion of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in 2011. All the bottles contain certain amount of radioactive air. To collect the air, I filled a bottle up with water. Then flipped upside down to pour out the water. While the water was coming out from the bottle, the air around the bottle was sucking up into the bottle because of the pressure. We can’t live without air. We need to breath to survive. But for the people in Fukushima province, air means fear and breathing risks their life.