Meri Nani Ki Sari

  • Meri Nani Ki Sari
  • Over winter break of my senior year at RISD, my mother found some old sari's of my great-great-grandmother. She had hand stitched the the sari border in a cross-stitch style. It was that sari that inspired my entire degree project.
    The sari is a piece of history I am meant to preserve. I chose to preserve this piece of my past by reinterpreting it. I wanted to bring the sari into the present.
  • I used new materials such as bio-plastics to emulate the past coming together with the present. I also made hand-woven rug and a six-screen hand-printed wallpaper, so that I could use some traditional methods of textiles.
    Bio-plastics are a form of plastic that is not toxic to the environment. It is a part of the new wave of textiles. It is a plastic that is adapted by science to be eco-friendly. I actually tampered with the actual ingredients to make it vegan, therefore rather than using gelatin I used agar and sodium alginate.