Embroidered Collar

  • In this modern-day world, more and more people look towards technology and the internet to find a partner. There is less face-to-face contact and our dating habits reflect that.

    This embroidered collar challenges ancient mating rituals. As people come near, and the wearer’s heart rate increases, the embroidered collar responds by putting on a show, flapping and fluttering. The collar’s behavior mirrors animal mating practices, specifically referencing the Birds of Paradise. The embroidered collar reflects the wearer, enticing people who excite the wearer, and calling for them to come closer and explore.

    This collar is made from copper, brass and fabric. The entire collar is riveted together by hand. The embroidery was designed using the Tajima digital embroidery software, and embroidered on a digital embroidery machine. The collar uses a sonar sensor, a heart rate sensor, and servo motors to activate the flutter.