Galeria United - Melo

  • Project #1 Phase 1
    This is a new concept in visual merchandising, cross -global branding to market and promote over 80 artists and designer all under one roof.
    This is a new concept of digital media to market, sell, brand, promote our collaborative team.
    This is a new concept that has proven to be extremely successful in stimulating the public through color and concept.
    Shaping the global merchandising strategy into thinking "outside the box".... this is not just another Gallery ! This is just not another "brick and mortar".. its breaking down the barriers based on themes, colors,  trends and  topping it all off  with Feng Shui.
    All items are created by each artist or designer and all are "one of kind" !
    This is just a small example, a sneak preview. of what is coming soon