Crochet Pack - Found to Functional, Recycle Project

  • This fanny pack is made using recycled materials from Resources for Rhode Island Education, a warehouse in Providence in which local businesses can donate large quantities of unused materials of various kinds.

    Using only $10 worth of two recycled materials (one primary, and the other secondary) and an understanding of the materials' properties through exploration, our task was to make a full-scale utilitarian object. 

    I chose wool as my primary material and magnets as my secondary material. 
    The difference in between their textures, density, and appearance in general is so contrasting, hence combining them was challenging, and that challenge attracted me in the first place. That something so light and elegant as a strand of yarn can breath out of something as structured as the magnets.​​​​​​​
  • By knitting and crochet, I made a fanny pack cum purse. Since, it is double layered, it is reversible and more strong. It comes with a thick detachable belt with magnets at the two ends whose like poles attract to the unlike poles on the sides of the purse, which converts the purse into a fanny pack. There are multiple magnets carefully sewed in the geometry of the belt, to make it adjustable according to any waist size. Another set of magnets is used for opening and closing the pack.