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  • ”Porcelain evoke a sense of ideal beauty and physical perfection that would only otherwise be manifest in the female body." 
    - Material Cultures. 

    Kawase Shinobu porcelain's quiet presence inspired this collection's voluminous shape and crisp pointed edges. Porcelain Bodies set to communicate sexuality of porcelain reflected upon ideal bodies with silhouette and posture. Abstraction of the body addresses the objectification of women and standards of body image women have to face throughout history. The use of natural and synthetic materials blend, intricate tailoring imitates Porcelains'  delicate qualities. Inspired by trading between Japanese and Victorian during the 18th century (court wear took inspirations from Japanese textile and Japan Kimono adapted western tailoring and construction). This collection provokes appropriation and femininity through fantastical and idealized forms and shapes.​​​​​​​

    Kintsugi or "Golden Joinery" is a Japanese practice that celebrates objects’ imperfection and damage. Traditional Kintsugi repair objects with gold resin that in terms highlights the cracks. The idea and technique of restoration inspired these Kintsugi paintings. Different individuals are asked to present a uniquely ripped piece that is put back together. Not only did Kintsugi raise the value of broken objects, but it poetically symbolizes the beauty and uniqueness in trauma and strength.
  • Kawase Shinobu Porcelain research and Kintsugi mood boards
  • Historical costume and textile research
  • Sketches
  • ANDY YU 2019 July