The Forgotten War: Exploration Process

  • "Traditional Home Project" 
    The assignment is to design a collection of fabrics inspired by a "traditional home". 
    Relating back to my grandmother's bedroom filled with old photographs of when she was younger and lived in Korea, I chose the topic Korea in the 1950s, specifically during the Korean War. This time period was a period of struggle, poverty, and war for South Korea's civilization. Because of the unpredictable and dangerous state they were in, families were cautiously always on the move, at risk of losing each other by permanent separation.
    I envision a collection of fabrics that express deep, almost poetic, landscapes suggesting separation, movement, and depth. While my topic is from the past and can be considered very serious, I want to design modern fabrics that create an environment of intensity and weight. Most importantly, while I will struggle throughout this process to find the right methods of obtaining this final concept, I hope my fabrics will help form a space where the inhabitants can be emotionally moved by the meaning behind these fabrics.
    This project was finished on May 17, 2013.
    April 2013