Denver's Ocean Journey

  • Colorado's Ocean Journey
    multiple exhibits
  • Sunken boat for Sea Otter exhibit
    Addition to existing live sea otter exhibit to enhance and entertain sea otters.
  • Tiger enclosure, update exhibit to make it safer for the handlers and more stimulating for the animals.
  • Hornbill enclosures.  We had to adapt an alcove and seamlessly build a space to house a live hornbill exhibit. We designed and built doors and windows for viewing the hornbill and disguised them between fabricated roots and rocks.  
  • Gulf Shores exhibit.  This exhibit was a salt water enclosure which housed fish, rays and birds.  For this project, we had to build rock walls, sandy lagoons and beach areas for the animals.
  • Vent cover shields.  This project was created to cover existing ventilation grids and to incorporate a covering that seamlessly blended in to the existing rock work and environments.  The main challenge of this project was to use a material that could be sculpted to imitate the rocks or environments while allowing the circulation for the HVAC system while using all noncorrosive materials. 
  • Hagfish environment.  We created a realistic dead fish for the hagfish exhibit to serve as a feeder and stimulation object for the animals.