Brancusi Windsor Chair

  • Brancusi Windsor Chair
    Cecilia Y. Emy
    For my Windsor Chair class, I chose to explore what I considered to be "good" composition. A specific reference I used was Brancusi's sculpture, "King of Kings". I decided to create a windsor chair where every spindle, leg, and stretcher had it's own identity, using the language of turning to create well composed pieces that came together to create one composite piece, not unlike what Brancusi did, stacking two different sculptures on top of one another to create a new piece. 
    Other points of inspiration for me were the world of set design (specifically the work of Bo Welch), which intrigues me since it allows for the creation of one of a kind pieces that exist only on screen, and the limited edition sculptures made by Danish ceramics studio Studio Arhoj. I was also influenced by the illustrations of Marc David.
    Cherry finished with danish oil.
    Spring 2019
  • Inspiration:
    1. "King of Kings" by Constantin Brancusi
    2. "The Birdcage" and "Beetlejuice" production design by Bo Welch
    3. Sculptures by Studio Arhoj
    4. Illustrations by Marc David
  • Process: