Life Through Windows

  • Providence's College Hill is home to a majority of Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design's students, as well as some of the wealthiest people in the town. It is a place where the dirtiest of college rooms and the most immaculate of sitting rooms can reside on the same street. During the winter months it is easy for one away from home to become home sick. The windows of College Hill's permanent residences act as a daily reminder of a student's detachment from home. Through these windows one can escape through the site of Christmas lights, crystal chandeliers dissecting and throwing light across the ceilings, or the warmth of a roaring fireplace.  
    Light is a comfort in the darkness of winter.
    Through this series i explored the windows of College Hill. I peer into the homes that make me yearn for my own. I focus on the light that flows from these windows in contrast to the cold and austere streets. This series is an attempt to portray the feeling of estrangement that occurs when one leaves home and has to build a life on their own.