Da Vinci Notebooks

  • Leonardo Da Vinci was known for his inventions, art, etc. A compilation of his notebooks was made, filled with charts, information, drawings, that filled his mind and consequently his notebook as he went along his daily life. 

    I kept the notebook fairly simple, using only one color in the whole notebook. Each layout was unique, designed based on the length of the paragraphs spoken by either the narrator or Da Vinci. The narrator was in Baskerville and Mrs Eaves while Da Vinci spoke in Helvetica Neue. 

    By adding chunks of blue color in the book, I broke the monotony of the text while also denoting to the reader to start of a new idea or of a new chart. 

    The notebooks are bound in a simple notebook format, with a simple brown cover. Coptic stitch was used to bind all the pages together with blue string to match the blue accents on the pages.