Barrel&Crate :: Kitbash

  • Barrel&Crate Kit ::
  • A collection of unique barrels and crates for kit-bashing and Sci-fi scene filling.
    9 Crates :: CAD (Nurbs) and Mesh polygonal versions (non-subD)
    8 Barrels :: CAD (Nurbs) and Mesh polygonal versions (non-subD)
    Maya-VRay Shaders and textures. No UV's shaders are applied with triplanar attributes.
    I included the CAD file so you can either edit and/or export custom mesh densities for your project.
    Non-subd meshes will need “round edge” attributes used in modern render engines. In this case “rounded edges” in Keyshot and “Round edges” in VRay.
    Crates Size: 1mx1mx1m
    Barrel Size: radius=0.6 height=1m

    Thanks for the support!!

    *Keyshot HDRI's by Alex Senechal