Letters of Recommendation

  • Tina Melo-Kufner
     Brief Personal Work History
                Further information may be requested by email:  designhouse4@aol.com

  • Design Merchandiser, Artist, Fashion & Trend Analyst, and an alumni of Rhode Island School of Design "BFA in Apparel". I have a vision to global transparency and creativity in motion.
    To  build strong conceptual ideas and new projects, a creative teams of talented individuals, and bring a conceptual vision to life. My goals in life is to be as creative as possible and at the same time help others find theirs.
    My goal is to continue to collaborate with other designers and artisans that have similar visions. I have met so many throughout my career and during my extensive travels to Asia and while living in Europe.
    I have been teaching and mentoring children and high school students after relocating back to the US, and waiting for the opportunity to find the right position that offers me the chance to utilize my expertise and passion. 
    I have also been advocating for developing new Art Districts in my community and hope to achieve this goal by next year.

    Tina Melo Kufner