• Tumblepot
    92 x 99 x 160 (mm)
    ferritic stainless steel for outer layer of the tumbler, austenitic stainless steel for inner layer of the tumbler and strainer, polypropylene for the cap

  • Tumblepot = Tumbler + Milkpot

    Tumblepot is a product for milk tea lovers who work in the office. With Tumblepot, your milk tea making experience will become easier and more comfortable.

    I narrow down the user group to office workers as I thought having a space to keep the user’s personal belongings and accessibility to electricity are necessary to make milk tea outside the house.

    텀블팟은 office worker인 밀크티 마니아들을 위한 제품으로, 텀블러와 우유냄비를 결합하여 오피스에서도 쉽고 편리하게 밀크티를 만들어 마실 수 있게 하는 디자인이다.

    밀크티를 집 밖에서 만드는 데에 전기 사용이 불가피할 것으로 판단 되어 타겟을 오피스에서 일하는 사람들로 축소하였다.

  • To make Masala Chai and Royal Milk Tea, you have to steep tea leaves with water first, put milk and keep simmering. Masala Chai is very popular in India and Pakistan (even more popular than coffee) and Royal Milk Tea is popular in Japan and Korea. However, there are not many cafes that have good milk tea in many countries where milk tea is less popular. Therefore, many milk tea lovers make and enjoy milk tea at home but cannot enjoy it outside the house.

    I conducted in-depth interview with milk tea lovers to understand what keeps them from making milk tea outside the house and tried to solve those issues through my design.

    맛살라 짜이와 로얄밀크티는 물로 차를 우린 뒤 우유를 첨가해 마저 끓여내야하는 차이다. 맛살라 짜이의 경우 인도와 파키스탄에서 커피보다 인기가 많고 로얄밀크티는 한국과 일본 등에서 인기가 많지만, 수준 높은 커피를 만드는 카페는 많은 데 비해 밀크티 마니아들의 입맛에 맞는 밀크티를 만드는 카페는 찾기 쉽지 않다. 때문에 많은 이들이 집에서 밀크티를 직접 만들어 마시고, 집밖에서는 밀크티를 즐기지 못하고 있다.

    이에, 밀크티 마니아들을 대상으로 한 심층 인터뷰를 통하여 밀크티를 집밖에서 만들어 마시기 어렵게 만드는 이유들이 무엇인지 분석하였고 그것들을 해결하는 디자인을 하고자 했다.

  • The tumbler is made of two layers of two different type of stainless steel. Outer layer which users grip directly is normal austenitic stainless steel and inner layer that contains liquid is ferritic stainless steel. Due to the difference in magnetic properties in those two materials, only inner the layer is heated by the induction stove and the outer layer will stay cool.

  • You can bring a moderate amount of the fresh milk from home by carrying it in the tumblepot. In a similar way, you can bring the tumblepot back to home and wash it  properly.

    When you start making milk tea, simply pour aside the milk into the cap as you have to empty the tumblepot to boil the water first. The cap is designed to be able to contain an amount of the milk that is enough to make a cup of milk tea.

    You can pour milk tea into the cap and drink it from there or drink directly from the tumblepot. Depending on the way you enjoy it, the strainer will be located on the cup or in the tumbler.

  • Kyungah Sohn
    RISD MID 2020