Modular Cardboard Chair Design

  • The goal of this project is to explore the unique structural properties of corrugated cardboard by designing a binary modular system capable of being replicated in multiples and assembled into several functional chair configurations.

    This assignment was for Ken Horii's Spatial Dynamics class, Fall 2018.​​​​​​​
  • Configuration 1: Seat with backrest
  • Configuration 2: Bed mode
  • Configuration 3: Stool with footrest 
  • Configuration 4: Seating with work desk
  • The chair is made entirely from the same binary module which can transform into two different modes.

  • Requirements/Constraints Included

    - You may only use single ply (paper both sides) corrugated cardboard for your modules. 
    - At least one of your chair configurations must include a fully-functional backrest.
    - The chair must be adult-scale and able to withstand your static and dynamic weight in all configurations.
    - The seat surface in all of your configurations must be a minimum average of 8 inches off the floor. 
    - One of your three required modular chair configurations must be designed to be portable in a stable form to fit into a test box measuring 12”x16”x24”. 
    - You MAY NOT use adhesive to connect modules to each other or laminate multiple layers.