Responsive Environment: Cups + Clips

  • date: 2011
    location: Providence, R.I.

    RISD Digital Media Installation, Responsive Envirobnment: : CUPS + CLIPS,  was a collaborative project that was designed as part of a Physical Computing class. Our objective was to use an ordinary object- 1250 cups and 2068 binder clips - sound and light to simulate an underwater environment that was inspired by the movement of Bioluminescent Jellyfish.

    Responsive Environment is made up of 2 microcontrollers that adjust 10 shiftbrite LEDs each with sound sensor input. To experience the installation, the viewers are welcomed to enter a small, dark room. They are greeted with pulsating spheres on the floor, along the wall and suspended from the ceiling. The organism seems to live peacefully, emitting colors that fades through shades of blue and green. The sound of footsteps or talking disturbs the creature and it begins to flicker shades of red as it detects sound. As the sound level increases, the creature steps into its warning state turning bright red. Finally, if still disturbed, the viewers are left in the dark; the creature enters its hiding mode.

    As a resulting experience, the individual is made aware of how they affect space through sound. In this instance interactivity between the user and the installation allows for a continuous feedback to create new perceptions of the surrounding environment.
    Camila A. Morales (RISD M.Arch. ’13)
    Maricelle Robles (RISD M.Teaching + Learning in Art + Design ’12)
    Alicia Dolabaille (RISD D+M ’12)
  • Detail View.
  • Interior View.
  • Interactive light changes with sound sensor: State 1.
  • Interactive light changes with sound sensor: State 2.
  • Interactive light changes with sound sensor: State 3.