RISD Architecture Thesis

  • date: 2012 - Current
    location: Providence, R.I
    [mediating] architecture is an architectural thesis that explores the relationship between the body, the environment and new media technology. The augmented use of media in the built environment has created artifacts that hybridize the experience of real and virtual spaces. In today’s society, architecture can no longer exist as a static force and must consider the technological affects of our perception of the world. By using new media as a tool to generate architecture, I intend to design spaces that interact with people and re-connect them with the physical environment. Although these tools rely on computation, they are not limited to the algorithm; advances in smart materials and embedded electronics have rendered the promise of an architecture that is smarter and more responsive.

    Through a series of probes, I will create a new approach to spatial design where new media technology is seamlessly integrated into the architecture of the built environment. The technologies I will be focusing on will include sensors, motors, microcontrollers and leds to create a kit of parts that will allow for a new vocabulary in architecture. This investigation will allow future architects and designers to begin to integrate processes of new media technology as part of their design methodologies. As a result, Architecture will be viewed as a dynamic entity that will no longer reside in the construct of a building, but also in the programming of technology.
  • Degree Project board presenting thesis topic of interactive design.
  • Vocabulary map tlocating keywords to frame thesis.
  • Drawing explorations investigating circuit design and architecture.
  • Circuit Board prototyping.
  • Printmaking + Electronics prototyping.