Weaponised Watch - Rhino

  • This weaponised watch is designed as a self-defence gadget that can be worn as an everyday accessory that can be easily paired with many outfits. The watch is equipped with a voice recorder, a camera, along with an internally installed alarm. When the user senses danger, for example encountering stalkers or housebreakers, they can set off the alarm by pressing down both of the red buttons firmly, which would produce a loud and distressing sound that could potentially distract if not scare off the intruder, as well as attract attention from the passerby and neighbours. The camera and voice recorder would then be turned on, and a GPS signal would be sent to the nearest police station. The audio and video files can be exported via the USB, which is also used for attaching the watch straps. There is also a background digital compass that can be turned on by pressing the black side knob. 
  • Showcasing the USB on the watch piece
  • For attaching the watch straps, and exporting video and audio information 
  • Watch Strap Detail
  • Showcase: the background compass display turned on
  • Process Models and Renderings