• Campfire Farms
    Good friend and fellow designer Andrew von Haslingen and I took on a collaborative branding project in the winter of 2015. We were tasked with generating a logo and brand identity for a local, start-up farm, Campfire Farms.
  • Drawing inspiration from Northwest agriculture, textile patches, and branding irons, we constructed a brand that embodies the Campfire Farms approach to wholistic, artisanal farming in the Northwest.
  • The brand message of honest, farm-to-table craftsmanship is communicated through a primary icon, a stylized pig logomark, and a secondary badge icon.
  • The identity systems were then implemented into packaging, apparel, signage, marketing collateral, merch, and a website.
  • Visit Zach & Christina, owners/founders of Campfire Farms, in Mulino, OR.